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What to Expect During Your Full Body Wax

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Shear Excellence, Waxing

The hair growing on your legs, armpits, and other areas of your body is bothersome to many. Shaving is one of the ways to get rid of such hair but is also a temporary solution. Waxing has gained popularity over the last few years, with many people preferring this technique because it gets rid of bodily hair for an extended period. Many professionals in the waxing industry offer full body wax services. Here’s what you can expect when you book such an appointment.

Professionals Ensure a Comfortable Process

One of the significant considerations pushing many people away from the full body wax process is assuming it causes discomfort. The main problem lies among first-timers because of the tension and anticipation that builds up before their appointment. It’s essential to work with a waxing professional because they understand how to go about the process efficiently. They’ll ensure you’re comfortable throughout your entire session!

Avoid Shaving Before Your Appointment

Waxing experts advise against shaving your body before you get a full body wax. The hair you want to shave before the process actually offers the best grip during the removal step. Therefore, shaving beforehand means there can’t be a proper grip, interfering with the expected results. The best thing about waxing is the extended time you get before thinking of shaving. According to Byrdie, the waxing process removes hair from its root, assuring you of a silky smooth finish lasting up to six weeks.

Embrace Proper Timing

One of the grave mistakes you can make is booking an appointment during or directly after your menstrual period. Your body is sensitive during this time, which can increase the discomfort you feel due to the waxing process. Excessive alcohol consumption the night before your waxing session can also contribute to discomfort because alcohol makes your blood thinner. Be mindful when booking your appointment.


Waxing is a procedure that removes unwanted hair from your body and is best done by a professional. To book an appointment, contact Shear Excellence Salon today! We’ll ensure you’re comfortable for the entirety of your session.

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